Ballet classes for boys and girls aged 2+.

Here at The Boathouse Ballet School, we hope to pass on our love of dance and music, along with the plethora of life skills that ballet teaches!

As well as encouraging good posture and a healthy lifestyle, dance fosters creativity, musicality, self-confidence, empathy – and patience! Concentration and listening skills are honed and children are required to cooperate with others, as well as performing alone. 

Alongside free work and improvisation, pupils will be prepared for exams with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, providing them with both a tangible aim and performance opportunity. 

Other performance opportunities include small community performances at our studio and participation in festivals when pupils are ready.

Dance, and ballet in particular, is a disciplined art form, and the standards of behaviour and dress we expect from the children is high.  At the same time we would like our pupils to be, above all, excited to come to their lesson, to have fun, be inspired, and soak up our love of dance. We hope that this passion and appreciation will stay with them, no matter where life takes them!

Classes will be kept very small, so we may have to operate a waiting list for certain age groups. Please do get in touch!

For regular updates, please visit our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/boathouseballetschool

Royal Caribbean Auditions at MOVE IT 2020 - Move It