Terms and conditions

Children should be respectful towards each other and their teachers at all times.

Having a neat and tidy appearance is an integral part of dance training. Aside from making children feel like dancers, and part of a team, it is essential for teachers to be able to see their posture and alignment. Children in Pre-Primary and above are therefore required to wear the Boathouse uniform for all classes.

From Pre-Primary, girls are required to have their hair in a ballet bun with the school ribbon, or a pink ballet headband for very short hair. We will have a little session to show parents how to do this, after your child’s first class of the term!

No jewellery should be worn. Newly pierced ears should be covered with plasters.

Children are required to arrive at least five minutes before the start of their class. Teachers have the right to refuse entry in case of persistent lateness.

Please ensure that young children have been to the loo before the start of class! Leaving class to go to the loo is discouraged and children will only be allowed out of the studio in emergencies!

Due to limited changing space, we would be grateful if your child could arrive dressed for their ballet class, if possible. 

Children should bring a named drinking bottle to class, containing water only. Other belongings should be left in the changing area.

Parents are requested to accompany their children to the changing room, and to collect them from there promptly, at the end of their class. Children will only be handed over to adults who have been listed on our records, unless we have been advised otherwise by their parents. We cannot be held responsible for children outside the lessons.

Parents, friends and family will be permitted to watch the first class, and on special watching days which will generally be the last class of each term.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any items left on the premises.

Parents and children must understand that ballet instruction often involves physical placement by the teacher. Teachers are fully DBS checked.

We reserve the right to photograph the children and to use the photographs on our website, social media and in advertisement literature. If you do not permit photographs of your child to appear, please let us know in writing.

Fees are due on the Monday preceding the first class of the term and should be paid by bank transfer with your child ́s name as reference.

No refunds will be made for non-attendance, unless in the case of half a term ́s absence or more, whereby a medical certificate will be required for a refund.

If for any reason we have to cancel a class, children will be offered an alternative. If children are unable to attend the revised class, the fees for that particular class will be refunded.

If you wish to withdraw your child from classes, half a term’s notice is required in writing.

Please ask our permission if you wish for your child to attend a ballet class or course, or appear in a performance outside The Boathouse Ballet School.

Children will be entered for exams at the teachers’ discretion.

If your contact details change, please let us know in writing at your earliest possible convenience.

Your child ́s attendance at all classes, wearing the correct attire, is very important. Continuity is essential for a child to progress, and is also a valuable lesson in dedication, not to mention the team spirit that it engenders! If, unavoidably, your child must miss a class, we would appreciate it if you could please let us know as early as possible, by emailing The Boathouse, or contacting Miss Emily directly.

If a child or parent does not adhere to these rules, we reserve the right to ask a parent to withdraw their child from the classes, with no refund made.

The Boathouse Ballet School can accept no responsibility for injury occurring on site.