Term dates and events

Term dates – Spring Term 2021

Mondays Wednesdays Saturdays
19th April 21st April 24th April
26th April 28th April 1st May
3rd May 5th May 8th May
10th May 12th May 15th May
17th May 19th May 22nd May
24th May 26th May HALF TERM
7th June 9th June 12th June
14th June 16th June 19th June
21st June 23rd June 26th June
28th June 30th June (Watching Day) 3rd July (Watching Day, Défilé, Picnic)

4th July – Ballet exams

17th, 18th July, 24th July-1st August – Petersfield Festival

Term dates – Autumn Term 2021

Wednesdays Saturdays
8th September 4th September
15th September 11th September
22nd September 18th September
29th September NO CLASS
6th October 2nd October (World Ballet Day viewing)
9th October
3rd November 6th November
10th November 13th November
17th November 20th November
24th November

1st December (Watching Day)

27th November (Watching Day)

4th December (Christmas Performance)


9th & 10th October – Solent Festival

23rd-31st October – Sussex Festival

6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20, 21st November – Winchester Festival

28th November – Ballet exams

Regular events

October: World Ballet Day viewing

November: Winchester Festival, Ballet exams

December: Watching Day, Christmas “Ballet in a Day” Performance, Royal Opera House trip

February: Bognor Regis, Portsmouth and Solent Festivals

March: Mothers’ Day Surprise, Watching Day

April: Sussex Festival

July: Ballet exams, Watching Day, Défilé, Reports Presentation and End of Year Picnic