Timetable and fees

 Wednesdays Saturdays
 Bury Arundel
17:00-17:45Grade 2 Ballet09:20-09:50Ducklings*
17:45-18:30Junior Coaching**09:55-10:25Pre-Primary Ballet
18:30-18:45Conditioning**10:30-11:15Primary Ballet
18:45-19:45Senior Coaching**11:20-12:05Grade 1 Ballet
  12:05-12:50Grade 3 Ballet
  12:50-13:35 Grade 5
13:35-13:50Pointe work

*Ducklings Ballet (age 2-4) with optional participation of Mummy/Daddy Ducks!  This class aims to introduce the rudiments of ballet technique, foster musicality and expressiveness, and encourage the children to use their imagination whilst building strength and co-ordination in preparation for their progression into Pre-Primary, when they start Reception.

**Coaching is open to all children in Grades 1 and above who have demonstrated their commitment to ballet, through good attendance and applying themselves during lessons. The class consists of conditioning exercises, followed by a non-syllabus ballet class and stretching. These children also have the opportunity to participate in festivals.

Children’s ballet classes are £55 per 10 week term

Ballet Coaching, and Grade 4+ is £70 per 10 week term

A free taster lesson is offered to all prospective pupils.